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Web Design and Development Services

Web Design and Development Services:

Web Design is not just about pretty looks – it additionally incorporates a great deal of endeavors to drive traffic and convert casual visitors to real clients! Your website is the most vital component of your Organizations or company’s plan.  You never get another opportunity to create that first impression! That is precisely why your web design matters to such an extent. We work with you to develop an eye catching illustrations and convenient, user friendly navigation website. Utilizing our years of involvement and research, StarDigiMart’s Web Design and Development Services ensure to help you achieve your Digital Marketing goals. Our web design team will create an attractive website not only get enough traffic, but also retains and converts them to potential customers.

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Our web design and development services include the following:

UI/UX & Web Design:

Our experienced web and graphic designers recognize the three vital factors keeping your company and target audience in mind that are usability, functionality and visualization of a website. We develop design concepts that will meet and exceed your expectations and your marketing goals.

HTML/CSS Development:

HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the basement of all our web design projects. It’s of most extreme significance that each site we create be efficient, utilizing the most recent HTML and CSS models. The W3C principles we utilize guarantee a decent user experience, and also lay the basis for ideal search engine exposure

We offer the following services under our HTML/CSS development:

Blog Design & RSS Integration:

Two assets for growing quality content throughout your site are Blogs and RSS Feeds.

A Blog is a kind of site or expansion to a site that enables you to show and deal with your content with general passages composed by your company and monitor comments posted by visitors. Blogs have expanded in notoriety throughout the years since they enable clients to effectively refresh content and apply that substance to pick in messages or social networking campaigns.

They’re an incredible hotspot for keyword rich terms and can positively affect your’s site improvement or SEO. Blogs through content marketing have turned into an important part of any digital marketing strategy.

RSS channels, which remains for really Simple Syndication, are utilized to pull in substance and articles from different locales to be shown as an asset for your website audience. This is a decent approach to add profitable content to your site without allocating assets to compose it. These feeds can also be produced to send your web articles or content to different sites, which takes into account upgraded SEO optimization.

We work with the take after open source Blogs and RSS Feeds:

Social Media Integration:

Social media is the key to marketing, as it provides a way to stay connected with an audience on a daily basis. Social Media tools are easily accesse but still proper planning is required to integrate them. The use of tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are effective means of communication that simultaneously allows businesses to brand themselves, develop personality and reach out to existing  and potential new customers..

Content Development & Content Marketing:

One of the most critical and important parts of a website is the Content. We give web content improvement services, for example content arranging, composing, editing, and keyword analysis.

Website Maintenance:

Another service we offer our customers is website maintenance. Through this service, we’re ready to give you proposals to achieve your digital marketing goals, make basic content updates and additionally add extra pages of content to help in your SEO endeavors. We give this support of all new and existing customers even if we didn’t build up your site.                           

Our website maintenance services include:

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